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Manhattan Beach Termite Control

Around the world, there are more than two thousand different species of termites. Shockingly, termites actually serve a useful purpose. They recycle plant and wood material. Although, when they are destroying structural lumber, they aren’t so beneficial. The numbers of residential homes needing termite treatment every year is in the thousands.

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A common way to discover termites, is finding holes or mud tubes in wood structures. You can sometimes find them climbing the walls of a house. You may also notice termite feces which is very distinguishable by it’s look of thin strips with rounded ends.

It is important if you suspect you may have a termite problem, that you schedule a termite inspection right away. Termites are not a pest that you want to deal with on your own. So, call the professionals at Superior Manhattan Beach Pest Control at 310-776-6065 today to speak with our termite control exterminators and schedule an appointment.