We first want to say how sorry we are that you are experiencing a flea problem…we know how difficult it can be to deal with these annoying pests. Luckily, our team of Manhattan Beach flea control exterminators are standing by, ready to help you.

Manhattan Beach Fleas

Fleas are a very common parasite that cats and dogs endure. Unfortunately, if left untreated your pet could experience health problems. They can bring about unwanted and unhealthy conditions including:

  • feline infectious anemia
  • tapeworm infections
  • cat scratch fever/bartonellosis
  • anemia from blood loss

Cat scratch fever can be passed on to humans, causing health problems for the pet owner. Fleas aren’t always easily discovered, unless an infestation is present. Then you will likely see the fleas jumping around you. Obviously, you want to deal with them before the problem develops into a serious infestation. They are great jumpers (up to 6 inches vertically) and is how they travel from one host to another.

Treating for Fleas in Manhattan Beach

For anyone that has ever endured a flea issue, it’s likely quite apparent that they’re no easy pest to defeat. It does require patience and time to fully eradicate them from a property; especially if you have pets. When you do require flea treatment for your property and you do have pets, make sure they’re being treated at the same time. A quick visit to your vet will help them get the best treatment. Because adults are typically found on a host, it’s important your pet is treated or they will continue to carry them around, leading to them multiplying and the problem consistently sticking around.


Flea Facts

Here are some interesting facts to know about this particular pest when you’re dealing with a problem. Understand the pest helps a lot in terms of knowing how to go about treating for them.

  • Adult fleas consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood, per day.
  • Their excellent jumping skills allow them to hitch a ride anywhere
  • Flea feces looks like dark specs, similar to that of pepper and will be present on your pet or their bedding
  • Flea mating and egg laying occurs within 24 hours
  • 40-50 eggs are laid per day in the fur of a pet, but eventually fall onto the surface below; your carpets, furniture, etc.

Phone Us For Flea Treatments in Manhattan Beach

If you are ready to say good riddance to the fleas invading your space, call on our expert pest technicians. We can answer any questions you have about our flea control service or additional pest concerns you may have. We definitely don’t recommend waiting to long before taking action, otherwise they will infest quickly and cause you to spend more time and money to eliminate them.  Call  310-776-6065 today!