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If you’re unfamiliar with Manhattan Beach stink bugs, they are easily distinguishable by their distinctive shield like shape. They have sharp mouth parts that pierce and a straight antennae. Most stink bugs are a green or brown shade and they prefer to eat plants.

The most commonly seen species of stink bug, is the marmorated stink bug. They are typically between twelve and seventeen millimeters long and look like most stink bugs with their guard like shape. They are recognized by their brown color, lighter colored bands around their antennae and the darker band on their front wings.

Over the course of a season a female stink bug can deliver around 30 babies. These offspring will typically hatch within just a few days and will demand food right away. By fall, the babies will all be adults, leading to a large number of stink bugs in the fall season.

Stink Bugs in Manhattan Beach, CA

Stink bugs take pleasure in eating fruits and veggies. It is likely that people with gardens are well acquainted with stink bugs this year. Their sharp mouth-parts pierce the exterior of food to be able to eat. They feed until they are full, then walk away, leaving the fruits and vegetables with scars.

Think an Invasion Has Occurred?

You will certainly understand when you have an infestation of stink bugs once you start observing them everywhere you look come Autumn. The exterior side of one’s home is warm from the sun and can likely feature a number of these little annoying pests. Additionally, should you have an outdoor garden and start observing stink bugs, you can bet there are probably more than you do not see.

Avoid & Control Stink Bugs

It’s encouraged that you constantly impose methods to deter this kind of a problem, however we understand this isn’t really always an option. Safeguarding your home from stink bugs resembles protecting your house from any other small pest.

Make sure you inspect windows and doors for access points, close them up. May sure you have weather stripping installed and screens without any holes or gaps. Also, add screens to any air vents in your home.

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It really is not difficult to secure your home from undesirable stink bugs and prevent an infestation indoors. These particular Manhattan Beach parasites do not require any food throughout winter season while hiding as well as don’t recreate throughout this time. Often times, when discovered in the house, it’s during the cooler months and they are looking for heat. Otherwise, you won’t see them until Spring season shows up and it begins to warm up outside.

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