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Manhattan Beach Fly Control

There are over 16,000 different kinds of flies on the continent of North America. The life range of a fly can last around eight days, to two months, to even a year.

All U.S. state residents have to deal with flies. If you don’t take care of your fly problem, they can overpopulate to more than one million in just a matter of a few weeks.

More facts about flies

A fly’s body is literally covered with millions of germs and bacteria. Flies typically are found on garbage, feces, and other filthy places that harbor disease. They land frequently, since they have only two wings. And every time they land, they spread the diseases that are on their body. Surfaces and food that have had flies land on them will more than likely contain disease that you could contract. The most common ailments are diarrhea, food poisoning, and also meningitis.

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