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Manhattan Beach Spiders

Most residents of Manhattan Beach dislike spiders, although they do not realize that spiders are actually a benefit, since they hunt and kill other pests. Most spiders will not cause any threat to people. Only the black widow serves as a threat in Manhattan Beach.

Usually, the black widow will not be found inside a home in Manhattan Beach. If they actually are discovered inside a house, it will usually be in a garage, closet, or basement; any place that is very dark. The more common areas to find a black widow are in sheds and firewood piles. In order to keep yourself safe from this spider, always wear gloves if you are taking things from your shed. The black widow is known for its shape of a red hourglass on its underside, along with a coal black body. If you happen to spot one of these terrifying spiders, then you should call us immediately.

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If you have a harmless spider problem with daddy long legs, or if you are dealing with a black widow problem, our company can assist you in eliminating these pests. Pick up the phone and give our Manhattan Beach spider specialists to schedule your appointment.