Around the world, there are more than two thousand different species of termites. Shockingly, termites actually serve a useful purpose. They recycle plant and wood material. Although, when they are destroying structural lumber, they aren’t so beneficial. The numbers of residential homes needing treatment for these insects every year is in the thousands.

Termite Control in Los Angeles County

If you have never had termites, we congratulate you! If you aren’t sure if there are any currently devouring your structure as we speak…you need to schedule an inspection right away. We advise having at least 2 termite inspections done a year on your property to avoid serious and expensive damage. They cause it quickly and without a care in the world, so the best way to stay ahead of them is through regular inspections.

Our Manhattan Beach termite inspectors will be happy to assist you. In addition, we can inform you of any other potential (or existing) problems that may need to be addressed as well. Nobody should have to live with unwanted pests and this includes these destructive insects. Even if they are hidden, you don’t deserve to have them destroying your property.


Signs of Termites

Swarms of Termites

Termites will swarm during mating season which is Spring time. If you are seeing a swarm for the first time, it could be that they are getting ready to colonize in or around your property. If you have noticed a swarm more than once, you’ve likely already been invaded and could have a serious infestation hidden away. Take action immediately if you wish to protect your structure.

Pellets or Droppings

If you notice their feces then you definitely have a reason to be concerned. The droppings of termites are small and wood-colored. There is no specific area to find them, they can be dropped anywhere except where they are tunneling; they prefer a clean area. Their feces is similar to that of sawdust or coffee grounds, so very tiny but also noticeable.

Tubes & Mud Tunnels or Structures

It will depend on the type of termite but some like moist environments, like the subterranean termite. It will create mud tubes to travel and navigate around the area. If you see any tubes or tunnels, it could mean a past problem, or it could be mean there’s an existing invasion. These are typically noticed on the foundation exterior of homes and buildings.

Discarded Wings

After a termite swarm has come through, you’ll notice their wings left behind. Because they prefer well-lit, warm areas when swarming, these could be around your front or porch door(s). The wings are about the same size as the insects so small, but still noticeable.

Hollow Wood

When termites have already caused damage, they’ll leave hollow wood throughout your structure. Many times when this is happening (or has happened) there will be noticeable flaws on the surface like cracking, splitting or more.

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We encourage you to schedule an inspection if you’ve never had one – even if you don’t think you have termites. It will save you so much time and money in the end, it really is a small task with very rewarding benefits. Protect your investment and loved ones inside from this harmful pest by calling our Manhattan Beach termite professionals today at  310-776-6065. If you need help with additional pest concerns we would be happy to help, just let us know when you reach out.