Protecting your residential property from unwanted pests and rodents is something that we always recommend to Manhattan Beach residents. Maybe you haven’t noticed any pests; that doesn’t mean there are not any hiding out, silently causing damage without your knowledge. The best way to avoid this type of scenario? Regular pest inspections.

Home Pest Control for Manhattan Beach Residents

If you’re interested in safeguarding your home from damaging and undesirable bugs then you should call our Los Angeles County exterminators. We can perform an inspection and determine if any present or potential pest issues exist. Then we can recommend a treatment plan that is customized to your property. That’s right – we don’t push services you don’t need; no harrassment here!

Our technicians will inspect your property thoroughly, checking all the common places where pests gain entrance inside. Should there be any entry points on the exterior of your property, you can then seal them up accordingly to prevent future invasions. This is the case for a variety of pests; rodents, ants, spiders, roaches, and the list goes on. Any bug that can find a way inside your property is a potential problem. If you haven’t inspected your home’s exterior it’s time to do so. Also check any vents and screens for any flaws and fix them if discovered.



Year-Round Pest Protection

We can also help you keep your Manhattan Beach home protected all year long. While you may not have many pest problems during the colder months of the year, that doesn’t mean they aren’t taking shelter somewhere inside your home. Regular pest protection can prevent this from becoming an issue. Just give us a call at (310) 776-6065 today and tell us your concerns or what kind of services you’re looking for.

Common Household Pests in Manhattan Beach

There are a variety of pests that are common to find indoors in the Los Angeles County area. They include:

Regardless of the pest problem you’re experiencing, we have the solutions you need to obtain a pest-free home again. Some pests may require an inspection before we can recommend the best treatment option. Others can be treated for in one application. We will discuss your options further after you call us and tell us about your situation. Just give our Manhattan Beach residential pest control experts a call at (310) 776-6065 and we’ll come to your rescue.